The company had it's origin in Maryland, USA when it started out with an e-Learning service in Dec 2009. The portal has since then used by various schools and students. Encouraged by the positive feedback received, the service and business expanded into online webcasting in 2010. After being incorporated in Chennai, India in October 2010, the company now plans to expand it's services in major metro cities in India. eShreshta is actively involved in placement and IT consulting services and, focuses on real-life business applications leveraging emerging, and open-source technologies. The company is also expanding its consulting services and working on various distance education initiatives in India and USA. Visit our Portfolio section to see how we can help you.

Our skills

Over 20 years of proven technical, consulting, financial and business experience.

  • Intrinsic Know-how: Telecom, Business intelligence (BI), Open-source, and new emerging technologies.
  • Proven marketing, financial and business analysis.
  • Software, Hardware, Financial educational and work background.
  • Extensive domain knowledge.